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We provide rapid response and post-event investigative services to support any fire, 建筑物倒塌, 事故, product defect or progressive failure cause and origin investigation. We arrive on scene to collect evidence and coordinate with other involved parties, enabling us to provide you with in depth, timely and actionable analysis of origin and cause.


Understanding the origin and cause of a fire is the start to most fire investigations. Our real-world cause and origin expertise extends to scene documentation, evidence collection and burn pattern analysis. We rely on the scientific method to collect and synthesize data, develop hypotheses and rigorously test to determine an area of origin and cause that is well substantiated by case facts and 火灾科学. We analyze fire cause and origin dynamics, pattern formation and damage assessment and develop practical forensic tools for fire scene investigations such as spill fire pattern interpretation and ignitable liquid residue sampling


No matter the origin, cause or complexity, our 法医专家 准备好调查. We’re nationally and internationally certified fire investigators and have been members of the NFPA 921 Technical Committee of Fire and Explosion Investigation since its inception, serving on more than 30 codes and standards committees, including 15 committee chair positions. We’re supported by our deep expertise in 火灾科学s and investment in our in-house laboratories, industry research and engineering expertise.


Meet our dynamic team of professional engineers, investigators, scientists, and lab technicians.